Now open for pickups and delivery in the Twin-Cities.

Now open for pickups and delivery in the Twin-Cities.


A hibiscus cooler with schisandra berry and rose hips. Earthy, floral, and slightly sweet and a hint of tart from a healing mix of berries, flowers, roots, leaves and herbs.



Hydrating Multi-Vitamin. Throat and sniffle buster.This total body regeneration with the full color spectrum in the form of superfoods slow heat extracted to make this tonic tops the charts for any ailment that brings you down. It’s preventative as well as restorative. Each ingredient is in symbiosis—supportive relationship— with each other. This elixir builds and detoxifies blood. Shizzle strengthens immune system, supports liver, kidneys, heart, brain, skin, blood, and energy levels. The micronutrient content and herbal formulation make this better than any packet or pill you can pick up in a pharmacy for the cold season.


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Hibiscus, rose hips, schisandra berry, hawthorn berry, nettle, dandelion, peppermint, usnea, milk thistle, Uva Ursi, gingko, ginseng, rose petals, blackberry honey


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