Now open for pickups and delivery in the Twin-Cities.

Now open for pickups and delivery in the Twin-Cities.

Aloe Detox

A creamy superfood mojito.Use this drink after a work-out or daily to keep digestion and regeneration on the checked box list. When your body craves hydration, it’s aloe vera is to the rescue! This green drink is easy to digestion, keeps the whole system in balance, and tastes great! It’s an umami sensation and even gives you the necessary bitter to stimulate liver function.



Blended superfood elixir. Fresh mint, ginger, and lime help the body detox congestion, mucous, and busts up sluggish digestion.

Refreshing and regenerative Aloe Detox has the added assistance of spirulina to help repair and rebuild cells, so great post workout or anytime you need to get things moving in the right direction.


Pairs well with Vitalist's Cashew Notyo Cheese dip and chia flax taco chip.


Lime, mint, green apple, aloe, honey, sea salt, olive oil, spirulina, ginger 


  Coming soon.