Elevate your events and dinner parties, and take the pressure off by presenting bright and flavorful organic food offerings that will impress the senses and stimulate the taste buds!

We’d love to work with you to come up with an organic world cuisine menu that you and your guests
will love. Vitalist specializes in a variety of innovative takes on traditional recipes including farm-to-fork, vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, Mediterranean, North African and paleo cuisine.


Vitalist offers catering for pick-upor delivery.We are dedicated to making it easy and convenient for you to provide guests with a wide range of food whether you’re planning a party or a private dinner.

Vitalist Space

Come plan an event at our private downtown Minneapolis Loftor invite our chef to cater a dinner party in your own space.Vitalist can bring full, hearty menus of incredible meals into your kitchen.

Customized Bento Boxes

We are excited to collaborate with you in crafting a tailored bento box that aligns seamlessly with your unique dietary requirements. Whether your preferences lean towards gluten-free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, or other specifications, we are here to curate the ideal solution for you. In addition, our repertoire includes personalized blends, soups, and snacks.

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