Now open for pickups and delivery in the Twin-Cities.

Now open for pickups and delivery in the Twin-Cities.

SeedReal - Pumpkin Walnut Spice

A crunchy, joyful seed-based cereal for pumpkin lovers and wellness enthusiasts


Energizing and protein packed, complex carbs and fiber found in oats and seeds keep you satiated and energized.  

Pumpkin seeds have an impressive nutrient profile that benefits many aspects of your health. They’re a rich source of protein, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that reduce the risk factors of chronic disease, including cancer.†

Pumpkin spice, a warming blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves, can be a healthy dose of antioxidants and antimicrobial agents.††

Other benefits may include reduced cholesterol and blood pressure, and better overall digestion


Great with Vitalist Brazil Nut Milk, yogurt, or anything your heart desires


Buckwheat*, pumpkin seed*, walnut*, cranberry*, coconut sugar*, pumpkin spice*

*Organic Ingredients


††Cedars-Sinai Blog