Now open for pickups and delivery in the Twin-Cities.

Now open for pickups and delivery in the Twin-Cities.

Vegan Unicorn Balls, Peanut Butter Fig, 8-Pack

Vitalist’s Unicorn Balls are the workout partner you’ve been dreaming of.

Peanut Butter & Fig for added calcium. A super easy to digest, assimilate and enjoy work out buddy, hot liquid addition, quick fix for hunger pain, sweet craving but healthy snack that just makes life easier and better.

 8 each for $20


Powerhouse nutrition for strength, stamina and recovery.These nutritional protein balls can be consumed as a light snack pre- or post-workout or any time you need a little more sustained energy.

Our recipe utilizes everyone’s favorite fat—peanut butter. In addition to bringing that sweet and salty flavor we all love, it’s also the perfect source of healthy fats to keep your hair shining and skin glowing.

This symbiotic combination of ingredients (that are all superfoods in and of themselves) come together in a tasty bite-sized burst of sweet excitement, all without preservatives or additives.


Pair with any nut milk, Shizzle or Hun Jun


Gluten-free granola, ground almonds, buckwheat, Celtic sea salt, cinnamon, Sun Warrior classic protein powder, black chia seeds, Peanut butter, black mission figs, maple syrup, golden flax, quinoa crispies, quinoa flakes


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