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Sign up for vital subscriptions to save money and time. With any of our subscriptions receive a credit towards Vitalist's products, cleanses, and packages. Plus, you will have access to our food specials and nutritional guidance.

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Starter Pack

2 Lemonade
2 Aloe Detox
1 Shizzle
2 Chia Protein Milks
2 Salads
2 Tacos
Unicorn Balls


The Vitalist Pack

2 Lemonade
3 Aloe Detox
2 Shizzles
2 Chia Porridges
2 Chia Protein Milks
4 Salads
2 Tacos
3 Soups (hot or cold)
Unicorn Balls
Jam Dot Cookies


Advanced Cleanser

Contact for details.