14-Day Lifefood Nutritional Reset

14-Day Lifefood Nutritional Reset


This is a superfood nutritional feast, offering 7-daily products that will assist in stabilizing blood sugar, while detoxifying. Sweet and savory texturized blends  curve cravings, simplify your life, minimized digestive stress and allow for superior nutrition absorption. 

This cleanse consists of crackers, chia porridge or protein pudding, soups, electrolyte drinks, nutmilks and tea. These seven products are all low glycemic, easy to digest and for the most part blended and infused with superfoods.

Product rotation is a highlight of this cleanse to keep interest up and to give maximum benefit to each nutrient. (ex. tocotrienols, lecithin, brazil nut, cilantro, sea minerals, etc.)Each day will be similar, however product rotation will occur within the platform of: 1 nut milk, 2 electrolyte drinks (lemonade + aloe detox), cracker pack, 1 soup, 1 vita-C tea, 1 chia. The flavors will shift from day to day to keep interest up.  Product rotation is predesigned however items can be excluded for allergies, thus we allow for a little wiggle room and minor customization.**


Through nutrient dense, wild superfoods this cleanse decreases microbial impact and increases healthy bacteria by implanting probiotics in your gut. 

This cleanse is  free of: gluten, dairy, animal products (does contain honey), disaccharide sugars, and all flesh foods. 

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