Vitalist Superfood cleansing protocols are micronutrient rich, luxurious inner beauty scrubs that clean out toxic buildup, melt away excess, and promote cell rejuvenation.

Lifefood Nutritional Reset

Did you know the gut and brain communicate, and the microbiome plays a huge role? You can change your microbiome in just a few days with your diet. Through nutrient dense, wild superfoods this cleanse improves the gut microbiome by implanting probiotics in your gut and setting up conditions for beneficial microbes to thrive. 

With the package you’ll receive 5 Vitalist drinks per day, plus soups, crackers, and Unicorn Balls. We’ll also provide the herbs, guiding cleanse package, and a complimentary consult.

This cleanse is  free of: gluten, dairy, animal products (does contain honey), disaccharide sugars, and all flesh foods. 

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