Vitalist Superfood cleansing protocols are micronutrient rich, luxurious inner beauty scrubs that clean out toxic buildup, melt away excess, and promote cell rejuvenation.

Lighten Up Cleanse 3/5/7-day

A three day refresher to balance blood sugar level and manage cravings. Includes 3 aloe detox, 3 electrolyte lemonade, 3 chia protein milks, 3 soups and 3 shizzle.

One Week Gut Brain Reset 

Did you know the gut and brain communicate, and the microbiome plays a huge role? You can change your microbiome in just a few days with your diet. We recommend 7-14 days.

14-Day Lifefood Nutritional Reset

Through nutrient dense, wild superfoods this cleanse decreases microbial impact and increases healthy bacteria by implanting probiotics in your gut. This cleanse is  free of: gluten, dairy, animal products (does contain honey), disaccharide sugars, and all flesh foods. 

40-Day Candida Cleanse

Rebuild your immune system. Cut yeast, fungus and mold from your digestive track to get your health back in order. Cleanse includes meals, snacks and herbs. 

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