Vitalist Superfood Test kitchen and Cafe:  

1000 Van Ness, 3rd Floor @ Studiomix,
San Francisco, California, 94109
t:  +1 (415) 373-8599
Mon - Fri: 7a - 8p  |   Sat/Sun: 8a - 5p

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Whvt?!... AM I paying for?!... 

We choose as often as possible locally sourced organic produce and it's compliment. Our superfood spices, salts, oils and specialty ingredients are sourced world wide, from the best places possible, to infuse our products with an extensive range of vitamins, minerals, and micro-nutrients. We offer rare to find ranges of colors and varieties, so you are eating the spectrum not just looking at it. We hope you  appreciate our efforts to bring you the best offering all of the time.  It is our desire to support the planting and growth of these high life force superfoods by creating more demand for their use, therefore the demand for rise, through the power of purchasing; we vote with our dollars and our choices! BE a stand for all that is VITAL and for all that raises life force! Vote for Superfood and sustainable food.