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We are redefining nutrition through blended superfoods. From court to jet to street food, it is our oath to be at the top of our game. Vitalist food is high quality, easy-to-digest nutrition that is convenient and sustainable.

Our bottom line is superfood. Every choice we make has purpose. All of our recipes are formulated to make a greater whole; a superior product for your vitality. These scientifically concocted blends, snacks, and meals stimulate taste buds while increasing physical and mental capacity.

A wide range of subscriptions, intentionally formulated cleanses, and mixed food packages encourage daily vitality with ease.  

"Every day and in every way, I am becoming more vital."

Sarah Ann -
The Creator





17 year superfood chef, Vitalist Founder Sarah Ann Haugen, has launched her latest product line of blended whole food cleanses, healthy junk food hacks, gluten free snacks, and nutrient rich meals.

As a health food celebrity chef, kundalini yoga teacher, and superfood gourmet cuisine creator – she's committed to her client's looking and feeling well. She sources incredible ingredients, stabilizes them with symbiotic minerals, and increases their digestibility and bioavailability to the body. Her whole food blends are a bit of a marvel, exploding with taste while resting in the reassurance of nutrient richness.

Recognizing that life requires flexibility, she offers on-the-go healthy travel options. Whether it's Wednesday's lunch, a pre-wedding cleanse, Saturday's hosting menu, or a post-workout snack, she's got you covered. She currently offers online orders and a physical location in San Francisco.